The CrushWave team listened to our goals and customized Capture in a way that solved our challenges and delivers a fast, efficient and easy to use solution.

— Randy Barnes, CEO
Brand Champion Marketing


Designed with speed as a priority CrushWave Capture can improve the data collection experience by as much as 25%. Intuitive data entry fields, auto population of city and state based on zip code, custom DOB controls, and numeric scroll selections all contribute to making CrushWave Capture extremely fast.


CrushWave Capture has a simple goal: to allow users to collect the right information as quickly as possible. We have designed flexibility into Capture to allow quick customization of your data collection forms. This ensures that you are collecting exactly the data you need. Unlike other off the shelf products, our developers customize your forms for you at no extra charge.


Utilizing industry standard best practices for secure data transmission between the device and servers via SSL connections, multi-tiered application access and data encryption on the device, along with server side firewalls and configuration safe guards at the data center, CrushWave Capture takes protecting data seriously. As an optional upgrade we can isolate and dedicate a Capture Database exclusively for you.

Works Everywhere

CrushWave Capture was designed to go anywhere and work everywhere. Users are able to collect data anywhere, anytime without an internet connection (Airplane Mode). They simply sync the next time they’re online and Capture automatically imports the data.

Reports and Integration

Whether providing digital intelligence directly from our database or integrating it with 3rd party CRM or in house solutions, we realize that the value of your data is determined by your ability to utilize it effectively.

Latest Features, Upgrades and Add-ons

We are always improving and iterating on our CrushWave Capture platform. We maintain an ear to the ground and gather feedback on improvements, enhancements and upgrades from our general user base. We can also provide individual tailoring of the application to fit your specific organizations goals or industry specific needs. If you don’t see something you need give us a shout – we’d love to talk about the opportunity. Listed below are some of the latest additions we’ve made to the general platform as well as specific enhancements tailored for our partners.

Latest Updates in Production

  • Enhanced Ad-Hoc Reporting System with Dashboards
  • Drivers License Scanner Integration
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Event Summary Forms
  • Event Management
  • Venue Based Age Verification Controls

Latest Beta Updates

  • VIP Lists
  • Attendee Frequency Limits
  • GeoLocation Stamping of Individual Captures